Rs.5116/ a)Brahmin meal for 11 brahmins for a period of 2 years.
b)Free accommodation for 2 days to 2+1 persons in a Double Bedroom.
Rs.11,116/ a)Oblations for ancestors (Pitru tarpan)
b)Brahmin meal for 11 brahmins for a period of 3 years.
c)Free AC accommodation for 3 days to 2+1 persons in a Double Bedroom.
Rs. 25,116 a) Oblations for ancestors (Pitru tarpan)
b) Brahmin to 21 brahmins for a period of 3 years.
c)Free AC accommodation for 3 days to 2.+1 persons in a Double Bedroom.
Rs. 51,116/ a)Annual ceremony to ancestors (Srarthakarma).
b) Brahmin meal for 51 brahmins for a period of 5 years.
c) Free AC accommodation for 9 days to 2+1 persons in a Three- bedroom.
Rs. 1,00,116 a) Annual ceremony to ancestors (Pitru Srarthakarma).
b) Daily Brahmin meal for 102 brahmins for a period of 5 years.
c) Free AC accommodation for 3 days to 2+1 persons in a three-bedroom.

vritha vrishtih samudreshu, vritha tripteshu bhojanam |vritha danam dhanadhyeshu, vritha dipo divapi cha vritha vrishtih samudreshu, vritha tripteshu bhojanam |vritha danam dhanadhyeshu, vritha dipo divapi cha||
Rain in ocean is waste, food for the already-fed is waste |
charity to the opulent is waste, and lamp, even in daytime, is waste ||

The act of giving has to be done to the needy.

Anna suktam

(rigveda manDala 1, saptAshItyuttara-shatatamam (187) sUktam)

ekAdasharchasyAsya sUktasya maitrAvaruNiragastya rishihi | annaM devatA | (1) prathamarcho anushTubgarbhoshNik (3, 5-7, 11) tritIyAyAh panchamyAdi-trichasyaikAdashyAshchA-nushTup (11) ekAdashyA brihatI vA (2, 4, 8-10) dvitIyA-chaturthyor-ashTamyAditrichasya cha gAyatrI ChandAmsi pitum nu stosham maho dharmANam tavishIm | yasya trito vyojasA vritram viparvamardayat ||1|| svAdo pito madho pito vayam tvA vavrimahe | asmAkamavitA bhava ||2|| upa nah pitavA chara shivah shivAbhirUtibhihi | mayobhur-advisheNyah sakhA sushevo advayAh ||3|| tava tye pito rasA rajAmsyanu vishThitAh | divi vAtA iva shritAh ||4|| tava tye pito dadata stava svAdishTha te pito | pra svAdmAno rasAnAm tuvigrIvA iverate ||5|| tve pito mahAnAm devAnAm mano hitam | akAri chAru ketunA tavAhimavasAvadhIt ||6|| yadado pito ajagan vivasva parvatAnAm | atrA chinno madho pito aram bhakshAya gamyAh ||7|| yadapAmoshadhInAm parimshamArishAmahe | vAtApe pIva id bhava ||8|| yat te soma gavAshiro yavAshiro bhajAmahe | vAtApe pIva id bhava ||9|| karambha oshadhe bhava pIvo vrikka udArathih | vAtApe pIva id bhava ||10|| tam tvA vayam pito varchobhirgAvo na havyA sushUdima | devebhyastvA sadhamAdamasmabhyam tvA sadhamAdam ||11||

sudrakoti sahasraanaam, ekam viprathu bhojayel viprakoti sahasraanaam, ekam Vishnu prathishtitham vishnu koti sahasraanaam ekaarudra prathishtitham rudrakoti sahasraanaam ekojnaanihi bhojyathaam

Donation to one Brahmin is equal that to a crore sudras – feeding one crore Brahmins is equal to constructing a Vishnu temple – making a siva temple is equal to making a crore Vishnu temple – feeding a knowledgeable person is equal to making one crore siva temple.

This inner meaning can be read in many ways, in this context it says all Brahmins are supposed be knowledgeable but not. The real knowledgeable person if not Brahmin too is seen as higher. Thus the learning and teaching is the best service to the people and to god.

JALA DAANAM:b This form of charity involves giving water with betel nut and dakshina to a Brahmin, and it is done for wealth.

SHAYANA DAANAM: Giving bed to a needy is done for general happiness.

VASTHRA DAANAM: Giving clothes to needy will ensure a long life to the giver.

KUMKUM DAANAM: When a woman donates kumkum, she ensures a long life for her husband.

CHANDANA DAANAM: Donating sandalwood will prevent accidents

NAARIKELA DAANAM: Donating coconuts will ensure that the last seven generations attain salvation.

BUTTERMILK DAANAM: Donating buttermilk will give you knowledge and enlightenment

PADARAKSHA: Don- ating slippers to the need will keep the giver away from hell.

CHATRA DAANAM: Donating umbrellas on the other hand will help remove obstacles from the giver’s path

Blood Donation is noble act, but it should be done without any reward Vidya donation to an ignorant is noble provided it is done without any reward

Donating the while still alive: WE often read about accident victims Body parts are donated and harvested by hospitals for other ailing patients with Organ Donation: One can bequeath eyes by taking a pledge, resolving to donate them after death. But it requires the help of relatives or friends to carry out the pledge and desire. A living person cannot donate eyes. A recipient is not told who donated the eye: the gift of sight is made anonymously. This Donation without expecting any reward is one of the greatest donations.

In the Bhagath Gita there is a three fold division of dhanam namely Satwik ,Rajasam, and Thaamasa.

Satwika Dhanam is that which is given in the holy places to deserving persons; That which is given expecting any return is called raajasa; and that which is given without regard to place, or Time or in unsuitable places or times or to undeserving persons and without respect is called Thaamasa dhaanam.