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Kasi Yatra - Moksha Yatra

Our team of travel insiders is obsessed in finding the best things to do whereever - we travel. Kasi yatra, bring forth to experience a traditional tour once-in-a-lifetime. Now we are proud to say that after 17 years of experience, our "Sri Kasi Gayathri Ashram" founded by Sri Abburu Harihara Swamy was born in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh,India. He has setup this ashram for Pilgrims to camp at Kasi and move across the main land of Mokshapuri. This ashram was established in the fond memory of his parents late Sri Abburu Rama Murthy and Late Smt.Abburu Sarojamma.

Our main motto is to make the ashram one of the best in Kasi by providing - excellent amenities to devotees who campin' at Kasi and to provide a unforgettable moment and good vibes to the south Indian Pilgrims who stays at Kasi yatra. Sri Abburu Harihara Swamy who runs the ashram (Currently on Rented basis) for the past Six years with atmost devotion and gratitude towards humanity. Sri Sri Sri Mahadevi Mataji joined hands with Sri Abburu Harihara Swamy to do Gita Parayanam and Narayana Seva (i.e. to provide Lunch and Dinner for Free of cost (Annadanam) to devotees with Satsang simultaneously).


Our Ashram

  • High satisfaction
  • Unparalleled service
  • Free Wifi
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Product Catalogue
  • A must-revisit spot
  • Garden with terrace
  • Wellness & swimming